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Required: Providing Your Most Recent Paystubs to The Trustee


341 Requirement:  Providing Pay Stubs to The Trustee   Watch for the “Filing Letter” Immediately after filing your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, I’ll send you what we call a “Filing Letter” Read it carefully as there are important requirements and dates that must be adhered to, including getting your paystubs to the Trustee.  Generally, we do […]

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Required Bankruptcy Courses

Classes are Required to File a Bankruptcy   Bankruptcy Courses  There are two required bankruptcy online courses that must be completed in order to successfully complete your case.  Before you file bankruptcy, you must complete a credit counseling class.  After the bankruptcy is filed, but before you receive your discharge, you must complete a money […]

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Questions Asked At The Meeting of Creditors

What’s The Trustee Going Ask, You Ask?   Questions Asked at The Meeting of Creditors About 30 days after you file your bankruptcy, you’ll have to attend the 341 Meeting of Creditors.  Information about this meeting can be found throughout this website, and at the following link: 314 Meeting Information.  The trustee will have the […]

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