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Attorneys Fees for a Divorce

Attorney’s Fees in a Divorce As with any legal process, one has to keep in mind the cost, especially attorney’s fees.  Divorces can get very expensive quickly and you’ll want to do everything you can to minimize that.  The attorney’s fees are just one such cost, but if not put under control, can get astronomical.  […]

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Uncontested Divorce

Do You Have an Uncontested Divorce? Determining if you have an uncontested divorce situation is not as easy as it sounds.  If divorce is going to happen, it’s generally much better if the parties can agree on everything before one files.  It’s also better to agree first and avoid the headache and heartache along with […]

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What Can a Debt Collector Do?

What Can a Creditor Or Debt Collector Do? Where is the line you may ask, what are the limits?  What can a creditor or debt collector do if you’re behind on payments?  Their options are actually pretty limited but frightening nonetheless.  If you’re behind on payments on unsecured debt, meaning you didn’t put down collateral […]

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Property of the Bankruptcy Estate

What Is Property of the Bankruptcy Estate? The term “Property of the Bankruptcy Estate” can be confusing, especially when the Trustee announces that certain property of yours is in fact, property of the bankruptcy estate.  So what does that mean anyway, and why does it matter? All of Your Stuff The bankruptcy estate includes the […]

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Understanding the Miranda Rights

Supreme Court

Wasn’t the officer supposed to read me my Miranda Rights?      The Miranda Rights, more appropriately stated “Miranda Warnings”, are a topic we hear about often. What they are has been misrepresented thousands of times, and often we see the illusion that every cop has to be constantly reading those rights from a little […]

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Bankruptcy During COVID19

Due to the outbreak of COVID19 and the precautions going into place by the Courts, there have been several changes regarding the procedures during your case and for conducting the 341 Meeting.  The overall goal of course is to keep everyone as safe as possible. Hence, with these new procedures come new responsibilities. This page […]

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