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What Can a Debt Collector Do?

What Can a Creditor Or Debt Collector Do? Where is the line you may ask, what are the limits?  What can a creditor or debt collector do if you’re behind on payments?  Their options are actually pretty limited but frightening nonetheless.  If you’re behind on payments on unsecured debt, meaning you didn’t put down collateral […]

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Property of the Bankruptcy Estate

What Is Property of the Bankruptcy Estate? The term “Property of the Bankruptcy Estate” can be confusing, especially when the Trustee announces that certain property of yours is in fact, property of the bankruptcy estate.  So what does that mean anyway, and why does it matter? All of Your Stuff The bankruptcy estate includes the […]

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Bankruptcy During COVID19

Due to the outbreak of COVID19 and the precautions going into place by the Courts, there have been several changes regarding the procedures during your case and for conducting the 341 Meeting.  The overall goal of course is to keep everyone as safe as possible. Hence, with these new procedures come new responsibilities. This page […]

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Chapter 13 Plan Confirmation

Your Chapter 13 has been filed, you’ve started making payments, and the 341 Meeting of Creditors is complete.  At this point, it’s time to have your Chapter 13 Plan “Confirmed” by the court, but what exactly does that mean, and how does it work? The Initial Filing You and your attorney painstakingly drafted the Petition […]

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What Does it Cost to File Bankruptcy?

The Cost of Filing Bankruptcy You’re feeling broke, and you’re looking into bankruptcy.  You’re asking how did I get here, and how much does it cost to file bankruptcy anyway?  That’s an easy one, you’re broke, or close to it, and it doesn’t appear there’s relief on the horizon.  And you’re wondering how you’ll even […]

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Personal Injury Claims in Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Petition

Personal Injury Claims are not exempt from Bankruptcy Is My Personal Injury Claim Protected in Bankruptcy? Answer:   No, personal injury claims are not protected in Missouri Bankruptcy. Often, I speak with clients who have ongoing cases involving an automobile accident.  Many times, it’s the cost associated with such accidents that in part, leads them to […]

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