Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in St. Charles County

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in St. Charles County

Swimming in Debt — Breathe, Act, Rebuild!

Considering a Bankruptcy in St. Charles County?  At Markwell Law, LLC in St. Charles County, I understand how difficult it is to manage credit card payments, medical bills, mortgage payments, car payments, and incidentals — especially in today’s volatile economic environment. At any moment an unplanned illness, home repair, or car repair can jeopardize your already delicate financial situation.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in St. Charles

Help with Debt: Chapter 7 Provides a Second Chance

“Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in St. Charles County and throughout Missouri provides a fresh start and a way to immediately start rebuilding your credit. A Chapter 7 filing is what comes to mind when people think about bankruptcy. The chance to discharge your debts and start over is a dream to many. Call me today at 636-486-1093 to arrange a free consultation and start the process of achieving peace of mind, and that financial fresh start you have been searching for.” — Guss Markwell, St. Charles Bankruptcy Attorney

As a bankruptcy lawyer, I will fight to protect your rights and look out for your best interests. I possess sophisticated bankruptcy law knowledge and can evaluate your situation from every angle to determine the best next steps. While new bankruptcy laws exist that make filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in St. Charles and throughout Missouri more challenging, a vast majority of our clients still qualify. You may very well still qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy — don’t put it off any longer.

Wipe Out Your Debt in a Chapter 7 — Get a Clean Start – A Second Chance

With Chapter 7, you are provided an opportunity to discharge or wipe out unsecured debts. These can include credit card balances, medical bills, and other financial obligations. Depending on your situation, you may also have the opportunity to reaffirm some of your debt. You could file under Chapter 7 in St. Charles, for example, and reaffirm your mortgage.

Bankruptcy is not the End Result — It’s the Start of Something New – Rebuild!

You don’t have to be completely broke or unemployed to qualify for Chapter 7 protection. You simply have to prove that, under your current income, you are unable to repay your debts. I will review your financial records and ensure that your Chapter 7 paperwork is completed correctly, that your petition for relief is proper, ethical, and successful.

Keep Your Property in Bankruptcy in St. Charles:

In many cases, you can keep your house and car in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. As a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney, I understand how to help you keep as much property as possible under Chapter 7.  Many people mistakenly believe that they will lose their home and car if they file for protection. That is not always the case.  Do not assume that if you file for this type of bankruptcy, you lose all your personal property.  It is unusual for a debtor to lose their house or car because they filed bankruptcy.  A combination of federal and state laws usually protects those valued assets.

I devote significant time, talent, and resources to helping clients file for bankruptcy protection.  I have real-world experience handling complex cases.  I can evaluate your situation and determine ways to protect your home and car.

So What Exactly Is a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in St. Charles?

One person defined it as: “Bankruptcy is the changing of the rights of your creditors” A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a legal process authorized under federal law designed to discharge debt.  The trustee will collect all of the property that is not exempt and sell it to pay creditors.  Generally, there is no “non-exempt” property, and the debtor will no longer owe the creditors any money.  Debtors usually are able to keep their houses and cars in Chapter 7, but they must continue to pay the loans on them as if they had not filed bankruptcy.  Debtors may also return property and not have to pay any more on the debt. Debtors may also pay what the property is now worth and keep the property.

Some debts will not be discharged in bankruptcy including guaranteed student loans, certain taxes, alimony, and child support.  A person who has enough income to pay all or most of his or her debts may not be permitted to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Missouri and may be required to file Chapter 13 instead.

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