Welcome to Markwell Law

Welcome to Markwell Law


     At Markwell Law LLC, we are dedicated to protecting individuals and families in times of stress. With more than a decade of experience in representing clients like yourself, handling Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases, along with representing those going through a divorce and aggressively fighting to protect the rights of clients facing criminal charges, I understand the financial hardships and social stigma you may be facing.

Never Fear Debt, Understand It, Know Your Options

You should never fear the protection that the Federal Law affords.  Your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Act and the Federal Bankruptcy Code are in your favor, they are there to protect you, not to prosecute you.  With Chapter 7 Chapter 13, you can get a fresh start not only with your finances but also with your life.  Under the FDCPA, you can stop those creditors from harassing you.  Until you understand your rights, you most likely consider fighting creditors and bankruptcy scary options.  You should think of bankruptcy as a “do-over” provided by the federal government.

As a debt lawyer in Missouri, I understand the harassing tactics creditors use on individuals swimming in debt.  Every day, bills and financial obligations can create a tidal wave of more worry, hopelessness, and stress. Just when you feel comfortable, caught up, or at peace, another bill arrives or another creditor calls demanding payments you can’t afford, don’t have, and won’t be able to “come up with.”

The country’s current financial situation has forced more people to consider filing for bankruptcy to obtain debt relief.  This is especially true for senior citizens who are finding more and more that their social security payments and withering pensions are not enough and are finding those credit card bills piling up like never before.   At Markwell Law, LLC, we provide quality service to clients stressed about their financial situation. Regardless of what you may have heard, bankruptcy is still an option for many people.

Bankruptcy in Missouri serves two purposes.  It allows you to change your financial situation, and it holds your creditors at bay while you make that needed financial change.  Bankruptcy can provide you not only with that fresh start, but a chance that you may have forgotten you had.

Creditor Harassment?

We hear about these “over-aggressive” debt collectors almost daily.  Most of the Bankruptcies we file involve some third-party debt collectors trying to coax money out of my clients.  The practices and methods taken by collection companies seem to be getting more and more aggressive as time continues and the economy continues to suffer.  The fact is, they are not operating with unlimited authority and ultimate power.  The laws pertaining to what is called “Third Party Debt Collections” are quite strict and can lead to severe consequences if these companies break those laws, and if you the consumer point it out.

Be it here in St. Charles County or otherwise, yes, they are “A Pain in the Neck”? That’s what many of you are thinking, and “neck” might not be the only term you’re thinking of when it comes to the daily harassing phone calls from bill collectors (Insert expletive here).  Yes, they are a Pain In The Neck!   They threaten they insult; they make you feel bad, and then they demand money, NOW!

Luckily, the Federal Government, with all its faults, has addressed this type of behavior on behalf of consumers.  No, it’s not alright for them to act this way, and no, they should not get away with it.  To stop them, you have to be Proactive.  Your remedy is found in several laws, state and federal, but YOU have to enforce them.  Primarily, you are protected from abusing behavior by the FDCPA and the TCPA.  Not only can you force them to stop, but you may be able to make them pay for breaking the law.

Never Give Up on Your Legal Rights When Charged with a Crime

At Markwell Law LLC, I aggressively fight for my client’s rights. I understand the frightening legal consequences and social stigma attached to having an allegation brought against you. I am committed to ensuring that you are treated fairly by the state, the judge, and the jury, that your rights are not trampled upon, and you are not a victim of “justice.”

As a former Prosecutor and Judge Pro Tem, I understand how other prosecutors approach litigation and trial. I can anticipate aspects of your case and build criminal defense strategies tailored to your situation. The protections afforded to all of us by the Constitution are not just lip service. They mean something, and we must never forget that. You are innocent until proven otherwise!

When Missouri citizens find themselves charged with a crime, they often feel alone, afraid, and as if there is no one on their side, no one to listen, and no one to fight. I fight for my clients as if they were my only client, and as I would for myself.

Free Initial Consultations

If you are struggling to make ends meet, or facing serious criminal charges, you need a diligent advocate in your corner. I am available to discuss your situation toll-free at 636-486-1093, or you can send me an e-mail. I keep regular office hours in St. Charles County.

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By: Guss Markwell