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Why Markwell Law, LLC?

At Markwell Law LLC, we are dedicated to family, life, and growth. We handle DivorcesChapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy cases, along with aggressively fighting to protect the rights of clients facing criminal charges, and personal injury claims. We understand the financial hardships and social stigma you may be facing. We understand the fear that ensues when the phone rings and you don’t recognize the number, and we understand what it is to lay awake at night wondering how, or even if, your going to cover the rent.  It’s our goal to take that stress off of you.  Know that you have options!




I feel confident working with Guss Markwell. I know he is an honest attorney, who will have my back in any case. His focus is the best interest for his client and will not steer away from getting the best outcome for that client.

Briana Shawver

Guss is an outstanding man who listens to my legal issues and answered my call every time or called me back within a very short time after I left a message. He was very understanding and patient when I was late to my appointment due to my medical issues. He is a very smart man, but says things in ways that everyone could understand. Guss took the time to really talk to me and didn't rush. I defiantly recommend him to anyone with legal issues.

Sara S

I have an ongoing case and am not sure what direction I am taking for representation. Mr. Markwell has consoled me a few times and has expressed enthusiasm and support. He is a very polite person and down to earth. He offered his help and review with no demand for money, he was more concerned about the truth behind my cause. I highly recommend him to anyone!

Kevin Sonderegger

The epitome of what a great attorney looks like. I would highly recommend Markwell Law. Guss is very knowledgeable. He explained the entire process in layman's terms. He didn't charge an extra fee to call with questions. He was almost always available and when he wasn't he returned my calls in a very timely manner. It's obvious his intentions are for his clients to receive the best experience to be had. Thank you Guss, I hope to never need your services again but, IF I do, there's no question who I'll call.

tami mcintyre

Gus was there every step of the way in my situation. He had a way of making you feel at ease because of his level of knowledge. Very professional. I will recommend him to any family or friends who may need an attorney.

Rita Hofmann

Wow! Great attorney! He helped me with my legal issue after i was told be another attorney that I couldn't be helped..Will definitely recommend his services to others...

Perry Lane


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