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Understanding the Miranda Rights

Supreme Court

Wasn’t the officer supposed to read me my Miranda Rights?      The Miranda Rights, more appropriately stated “Miranda Warnings”, are a topic we hear about often. What they are has been misrepresented thousands of times, and often we see the illusion that every cop has to be constantly reading those rights from a little […]

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Lawyer Language

Lawyer Lingo Guide to Navigating the Ridiculous Nonsense That Lawyers Speak. “W” is for “What?” Be it in Bankruptcy, Criminal Law, Personal Injury, or Divorce, lawyers do love to use “lawyer lingo”. We use words like “Re-Rec” and “nolle prosequi”, and speak in terms of Form 14‘s, pre-auths, SIS’ and SES’, rather than just saying […]

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Suspended Imposition of Sentence in Missouri

Is a Suspended Imposition of Sentence on my Criminal Record? A Suspended Imposition of Sentence, or “SIS” as it’s commonly referred to, is a hybrid disposition, and common tool used in Missouri as a means of ending criminal cases. Essentially, it is an agreement between the parties (generally the Defendant and the Prosecutor) that allows everyone to […]

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