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         Disclaimer: This information is from Markwell Law, LLC and is not the official website for MetLife Legal Plans.  For specific questions about the various plans they offer or about your policy, you should contact them directly.  Any perceived inconsistencies, variations, or conflicts between the information contained herein and the official MetLife Legal Plans site are unintentional and should be considered resolved using the information found on that site, not mine.  Mention of Metlife Legal Plans or any MetLife product contained herein is purely an acknowledgment that we are a MetLife legal service provider accepting that insurance. That said, it’s a great way to pay for legal services and I highly recommend signing up with them!


Checking Your Plan

Note, some refer to these plans as “Hyatt Legal Plans” as the company was apparently sold and the name changed. They are the same thing for our purposes.  Prior to using your Metlife Legal Services Plan, you will want to check in with them to find out several pieces of information.  This will assist the attorney and make using your MetLife policy that much easier.  Each legal issue you have is assigned a Case Number by the insurance company.  You also have what is called your Membership Number.  Those two numbers should be provided to me when calling as I also check with the company to ensure that they will cover the matter for you.

Typical Legal Plans Cover the Following Services:

**Note: This list is not complete as many plans cover additional services not listed


Confirming Services

Confirming coverage through MetLife is extremely easy.  To confirm their coverage or ask any questions you may have, simply go to their website.  Have your Membership Number available when you log in. The website for clients can be found at the link above. There is a wealth of information on that site and I highly recommend that you utilize what they have to offer.


Coverage Issues

Legal insurance is like any other insurance in that you or your employer purchased a policy that covers certain things, in this case, certain legal services.  Not all plans are identical and you will want to check and see what services are offered through the plan that you have. For some services, you will see that the entirety or representation is covered, for others, it may be limited.  For example, you may only have coverage for “Office and Telephone Advice”, which although helpful, will render you with a fee for further services provided should you request such.    No insurance plan, be it legal, health, or auto covers everything, so be informed. In my experience, MetLife does seem to have an extensive wide range of coverage, and odds are, your matter is covered, but be certain.


What to Expect

When we first discuss your case and if you want to use your legal insurance, please let me know the Membership Number and your assigned Case Number.  The Case Number is different than the court case number you may have, it’s one that is assigned by the insurance company.  From that point, you will have very little to worry about concerning legal expenses or attorney fees.  We will discuss the extent of your coverage and how to best maximize your coverage benefits.  Most legal insurance policies do not cover court fees or filing fees, hence another good reason to know your policy.

I also love my clients that have MetLife Legal Insurance.  Why?  because it takes the “financial business” out of the practice of law, and it allows me to focus on being your attorney rather than worrying about charging and collecting fees.  Make no mistake about it, using this coverage certainly does reduce the quality of representation you receive.  For the attorneys, they provide a very fair and undisputed fee that is guaranteed and we simply don’t have to worry about the financial part of the equation.

If you have any questions about using the MetLife Legal Plan with my office, please feel free to contact me at any time.  As stated above, if you have specific questions about your policy, it is best to contact them directly.


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