Attorney’s Fees in a Divorce

As with any legal process, one has to keep in mind the cost, especially attorney’s fees.  Divorces can get very expensive quickly and you’ll want to do everything you can to minimize that.  The attorney’s fees are just one such cost, but if not put under control, can get astronomical.  Always keep in mind that the goal at the end of this is equity and fairness.

So How Much Is This Going to Cost me in Attorney’s Fees?

There’s no simple answer here without knowing about the case. It really depends on how much the parties can agree on, how much they disagree on, the work involved, and the length of time it takes to accomplish all of that.

Basic Services Include:

  • The initial conference;
  • Prepare and file the Petition (or the review of the Petition filed by your spouse);
  • The preparation of a Waiver to be filed by your spouse or arranging for the sheriff to serve your spouse with a copy of the Petition;
  • Obtain information from you concerning your assets, liabilities, income, and expenses
  • Make recommendations concerning property division and support;
  • Routine settlement negotiations with your spouse’s attorney;
  • Prepare and review of Property Settlement and Support Agreement;
  • Create or review of Decree of Dissolution;
  • Review of forms required by the Missouri Division of Vital Statistics;
  • Attend one Court hearing to have the case disposed of as an uncontested dissolution.


The fee for these services generally runs between $2,000.00 and $3,000.00 but if everything is agreed on, and I do mean everything, then you have an uncontested divorce and it can be much more affordable. A more exact range can be estimated at your first appointment.


How Do Attorney’s Fees Get Paid?

Generally speaking, parties to a divorce if any domestic relations case are responsible for paying their own divorce lawyer’s fees. Nevertheless, if a trial is necessary, the judge may award attorney’s fees after considering relevant factors including the financial resources of both parties, the merits of the case, and the actions of the parties during the pendency of the action. In any event, you are responsible for paying our agreed fees; however, we will give you full credit for any payments made by your spouse.

We require a deposit if you retain our services in the amount of the initial Court costs and a retainer toward our fee and full payment by the time of the final hearing. Credit terms can be arranged in some cases. We will discuss our fee with you at this first meeting which is an initial free consultation.



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