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Senior Citizens Filing Bankruptcy

Financial Crisis – Senior Citizens: Retirement and Bankruptcy “They’ll Take My House, and I Wanted the Kids to Get It Someday” Retirement Wasn’t Supposed to be Like This:   It’s the side of bankruptcy you usually don’t see or think about, the side that is little discussed; senior citizens filing bankruptcy. It’s also the fastest-growing side of bankruptcy […]

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Getting Sued After Bankruptcy; Can They Do That?

Automatic Stay Stops Creditors in Bankruptcy

Help, I’m Getting Sued After My Bankruptcy It’s not a regularity, but it does happen. Sometimes, a creditor files a lawsuit on debt that was discharged in your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. In most instances, this isn’t supposed to happen!  You’re not supposed to be sued after bankruptcy on discharged debt! Can I Still Be Sued After Bankruptcy? […]

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