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Will I Lose My Jewelry in Bankruptcy?

Jewelry in Bankruptcy

Jewelry in a Bankruptcy Will I Lose My Jewelry In Bankruptcy? Answer:  Probably not. Schedule B in both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy list all the assets you own.  It’s important to keep in  mind that the debtor is responsible for listing all assets.  Often, and understandably, debtors believe they are only to list the assets […]

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Represent Yourself, Don’t Get a Lawyer Involved, Part 2

Filing Bankruptcy Yourself

Needing a Root Canal, But Not Wanting A Dentist. So one of the things I follow, or track as the case may be, are comments from potential clients about needing help, but not wanting to get a lawyer involved.  There’s are even websites telling these folks to “represent yourself, don’t get a lawyer involved”.  For years, […]

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Law Has No Place in A Perfect World?

    Jury Verdicts, Apologies, Kangaroos,      and Perfection Law Has No Place In A Perfect World? (Random Introspections From A Criminal Defense Attorney) Along with my Bankruptcy practice here in St. Louis, Missouri, I am a Trial Attorney. In most cases, I represent people who have been accused by the government (Either the State of Missouri […]

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Senior Citizens Filing Bankruptcy

Financial Crisis – Senior Citizens: Retirement and Bankruptcy “They’ll Take My House, and I Wanted The Kids To Get It Someday” Retirement Wasn’t Suppose to be Like This:   It’s the side of bankruptcy you usually don’t see or think about, the side that is little discussed; senior citizens filing bankruptcy. It’s also the fastest growing […]

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How Long Does Bankruptcy Take?

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – “How Long Does Bankruptcy Take?” So, by “How Long Does It Take?”, what did you mean? This question is easier asked than answered, and the question itself must be defined before jumping into estimations.  I hear this question in my practice here in St. Charles County,  I have found through experience that my clients […]

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Getting Sued After Bankruptcy; Can They Do That?

Automatic Stay Stops Creditors in Bankruptcy

Help, I’m Getting Sued After My Bankruptcy It’s not a regularity, but it does happen. Sometimes, a creditor files a lawsuit on debt that was discharged in your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. In most instances, this isn’t suppose to happen!  You’re not supposed to be sued after bankruptcy on discharged debt! Can I Still Be Sued After Bankruptcy? […]

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