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Calculating Child Support; What is the Form 14?

Child Support Form 14

The Determination of Child Support Figuring the Total Cost to Raise Children When the parties to a dissolution have children together, there’s generally an issue of child support; who pays who and how much.  In Missouri, the court relies on the “Child Support Guidelines”, an established set of data ($ figures),that the legislature believes it […]

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Cracking the Secret Code to Bankruptcy

Newsflash – There’s No Secret Code to Bankruptcy; They Actually Wrote it Down! Everyone’s Got an Opinion. You’ve heard all about it, mostly the negatives, the stereotypes, and the “water-cooler talk” on TV, or among friends, maybe in the break room at work; “OMG, did you know Susan and her husband filed bankruptcy?  What the heck […]

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Represent Yourself, Don’t Get a Lawyer Involved, Part 2

Filing Bankruptcy Yourself

Needing a Root Canal, But Not Wanting A Dentist. So one of the things I follow, or track as the case may be, are comments from potential clients about needing help, but not wanting to get a lawyer involved.  There’s are even websites telling these folks to “represent yourself, don’t get a lawyer involved”.  For years, […]

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Law Has No Place in A Perfect World?

    Jury Verdicts, Apologies, Kangaroos,      and Perfection Law Has No Place In A Perfect World? (Random Introspections From A Criminal Defense Attorney) Along with my Bankruptcy practice here in St. Louis, Missouri, I am a Trial Attorney. In most cases, I represent people who have been accused by the government (Either the State of Missouri […]

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Lawyer Language

Lawyer Lingo Guide to Navigating The Ridiculous Nonsense That Lawyers Speak. “W” is for “What?” Be it in Bankruptcy, Criminal Law, Personal Injury or Divorce, lawyers do love to use “lawyer lingo”. We use words like “Re-Rec” and “nolle prosequi”, and speak in terms of Form 14’s, pre-auths, SIS’ and SES’, rather than just saying […]

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