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What to Expect When

Working With Debt Collectors


Debt Collections Try to Intimidate You, Don’t Let Them!

Working with debt collectors is not a fun thing to do, often they’re mean, insulting, intimidating and rude. It’s their job as rotten as it sounds, it’s how they collect the most money from everyone they are chasing, it’s their game plan and it works against you.  Do not let a debt collector intimidate you.  This is Rule #1.

Though they’ll make you feel like it, you’re not a loser, not a deadbeat, and not a bad person.  You’re simply behind on some debt payments and most likely, it’s because of the reasons that are well beyond your control and your desire.  They’ll make you believe it is intentional, that you just don’t want to pay or that somehow, you’re cheating the system.  Making you feel lousy is what they do best because it works. You wouldn’t work with a mortgage adviser that makes you feel this way right?

Hence, your first step in trying to fix this problem that you find yourself in is to not play that game.  You are already stressed enough and you don’t need their help heaping it on.  Address this problem like you would any issue in business, with a clear mind and strategy, not fear and panic.  Remember though, on that call, in that letter, however they contact you, they’ll most likely be playing the “fear and panic” game.

Let’s be frank, when talking to or working with a debt collector, it’s a lot like working with the toaster in your kitchen.  You put bread in and toast should pop out.  There’s no judgment, no insults, no panic unless of course it’s broken and your toast is now on fire. The debt collector is doing their job and so is the toaster.  Don’t make it personal and stay focused.  If you have any doubt about the sincerity or the trustworthiness of that particular toaster, don’t use it. When you need a professional, know they’re available.


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Originally from St. Louis Missouri, I grew up in a strong Midwest and moral family who taught me right from wrong and to stand up for my rights and the rights of others. In these tough economic times, you need an advocate on your side. Why do I practice law? Often, people are facing seemingly insurmountable opposition with little or no ability to overcome great odds. It is my position that we should all be fighting for those who find themselves alone, afraid, and at times unpopular. I subscribe to the notion that a society should be judged by how it treats its most vulnerable members. I represent, and I fight for, those people. “There is light at the end of that tunnel, don’t stop.”

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