Required Bankruptcy Courses

Classes are Required to File a Bankruptcy


Bankruptcy Courses  On-Line Bankruptcy Courses

There are two required bankruptcy courses that must be completed in order to successfully complete your case.  Before you file bankruptcy you must complete a credit counseling class.  After the bankruptcy is filed, but before you receive your discharge, you must complete a money management class.  Generally these courses are available on-line at a variety of sites.  Your attorney will likely have good recommendations for reliable companies offering these courses.


Pre-filing counseling – Credit Counseling Course

Prior to filing bankruptcy you will have to complete a credit counseling class.  The class must have been completed within 180 days of filing.  There are many different companies that offer these courses on-line, and I provide my clients with several to choose from.  With whatever provider you choose, you will be given the website, phone number and a password upon payment of the initial fee.  You will need a list of creditors, your income information and your monthly expenses in order to complete the class.


Post-filing counseling – Debtor Education Course

Prior to receiving your discharge you must complete a personal financial management course.  I will provide information on this counseling.  If you do not complete the class you will not receive your discharge.  This class takes about 3 hours to complete and does not need to be completed all in one session.  You will setup login information that will allow you to pick up where you left off.  You will be required to pass a test at the end of the class in order to receive your certificate.  If you are a married couple you each have to take the class.

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