Exceptions to Expungement

I’ve cut and pasted the violations which may not be expunged pursuant to the statute here. This is purely for reference from other posts on this website. Though I will update this periodically, one should always consult the statute. You can do so here.

 2.  The following offenses, violations, and infractions shall not be eligible for expungement under this section:

  (1)  Any class A felony offense;

  (2)  Any dangerous felony as that term is defined in section 556.061;

  (3)  Any offense that requires registration as a sex offender;

  (4)  Any felony offense where death is an element of the offense;

  (5)  Any felony offense of assault; misdemeanor or felony offense of domestic assault; or felony offense of kidnapping;

  (6)  Any offense listed, or previously listed, in chapter 566 or section 105.454105.478115.631130.028188.030188.080191.677194.425217.360*, 217.385334.245375.991389.653455.085455.538557.035565.084**, 565.085**, 565.086**, 565.095**, 565.120565.130565.156565.200**, 565.214*, 566.093566.111566.115568.020568.030568.032568.045568.060568.065568.080**, 568.090**, 568.175569.030**, 569.035*, 569.040569.050569.055569.060569.065569.067*, 569.072**, 569.100569.160570.025570.030570.090570.100570.130570.180570.223570.224570.310571.020571.060571.063571.070571.072571.150574.070574.105574.115574.120574.130575.040575.095575.153575.155575.157575.159575.195575.200575.210575.220575.230575.240575.350*, 575.353577.078577.703577.706578.008**, 578.305**, 578.310**, or 632.520;

  (7)  Any offense eligible for expungement under section 577.054** or 610.130;

  (8)  Any intoxication-related traffic or boating offense as defined in section 577.001, or any offense of operating an aircraft with an excessive blood alcohol content or while in an intoxicated condition;

  (9)  Any ordinance violation that is the substantial equivalent of any offense that is not eligible for expungement under this section;

  (10)  Any violation of any state law or county or municipal ordinance regulating the operation of motor vehicles when committed by an individual who has been issued a commercial driver’s license or is required to possess a commercial driver’s license issued by this state or any other state; and

  (11)  Any offense of section 571.030, except any offense under subdivision (1) of subsection 1 of section 571.030 where the person was convicted or found guilty prior to January 1, 2017.

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